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Space Management

Traxx Software can be thought of as a graphic “window” into a database for Space Management. The power of the system is in the fact that it’s built around a relational database which enables the user to “attach” any information to a building, floor or space. Once attached, this information can be viewed graphically turning them into business graphics.


Traxx is the oldest Fixed Asset Management Solution with our first installation in the late nineties. This product is the evolution of over ten thousand man hours with feedbacks from some of the best asset managers from Global MNCs.

Features in 
Space Management

At a glance see your floor layout, work stations and asset spread in a graphic “Window”

Built around a relational database which enables the user to “attach” any information to a building, floor or space

Modify color-coded plans,

Add or modify space and Lease-related data,

Create a stacking diagram or even re-demise space

Produce a professional lease exhibit of a floor plan.

Ease of Use- No need of CAD Professional to operate this module

Workspace Status

TRAXX displays all workspaces available in the order of geographical hierarchy. It displays details of assets available in each workspace. Authorised users are allowed to move assets from one workspace to another. It also displays the user assigned to the workspace. Customers can get status of workspaces in the following order:
1. Empty Workspaces
2. Workspaces equipped with assets that are ready to be occupied
3. Occupied workspaces
Selecting and allocating convenient workspaces for new or transferred employees can never be easier.

Move Workspace

Many a times employees change teams and departments. Recording movement of assets and employees normally takes multiple steps and data captures. With RCS TRAXX customers can virtually move the entire workspace with its occupant in one single step.

Graphical View

Our DWG module allows customers to upload ACAD floor drawings and mark workspaces to get visual representation of location, asset and occupancy status. Hovering the mouse over individual workspace triggers display of assets and occupants in a balloon. There is also a coloured representation of workspaces based on their status.

Managing workspaces for multiple shifts

Whether tabular or graphical, TRAXX can creates multiple instances for workspace representations. Each instance can display the status of workspaces for every shift. For example, for workloads with three shifts, TRAXX can create three instances and allow access to each of them based on shift management roles.